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Re: segno (and so ...)

From: David Raleigh Arnold
Subject: Re: segno (and so ...)
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2003 14:30:15 -0500

On Monday 31 March 2003 05:32 am, Joerg Anders wrote:
> Hi all!
> Some users requested LilyPond export of segno, dal segno ... in
> NoteEdit. I've problems to understand the system. (I never was
> at music school) Maybe it is too easy ;-) Note! I have to
> implement the replay!
See section 2.4.
> Perhaps somebody could give a short answer to 6 questions:
> 1.) Is the sequence:
>       notes1  segno  notes2 dal segno notes3
>    the same as:
>        notes1  ||: notes2 :||  notes3
>    So, this form is actually superfluous.(?)

In that case, yes, which is why you never see that case.  But

notes1 segno ||: notes2 :|| dal segno would be:

notes1 notes2 notes2 notes2
> 2.) Is the sequence:
>        notes1  segno notes2 fine notes3 dal segno al fine
>     the same as:
>       notes1 notes2 notes3 notes2

> 3.) I read somewhere: If there's "dal segno al fine"
>     but no word "fine" written the music ends at
>     next fermata (if any). Is it correct?

Never seen that.  It ends at the end.  But the accidental omission of 
the fine is not rare.
> 4.) Does the segno always appear left to the dal segno. 

>     must I take into account the following:
>       notes1 dal segno notes2 segno notes3
>    This implies: notes2 are never played (?)

> 5.) I remember vaguely there exists a further variant with coda.
>     dal sengno al fine et code (or so...). What is the
>     exact name and meaning ?

D.C. or D.S al Coda  The
coda looks like a gunsight, and it means that you skip to the next 
gunsight, which begins the Coda.  (means Cauda, tail)
Don't use a segno for a coda sign.  It has been done rarely, and
it is confusing.
> 6.) Is it correct that "dal segno" never appears unabbreviated ?

Never seen it unabbreviated.

>     Thus, "D.S." is always written instead? 


If so: What's
>     the abbrivation of "dal segno al fine" ?

D.S. al fine.  But often the al fine is omitted, because you have
already seen the fine when you get to the D.S.
> I know many questions. Perhaps somebody could give an explanation
> of the most common forms (I'm convinced there are a lot
> of special forms and exceptions) Or a link to some WWW site.(?)

You need to know that after taking a D.S or D.C., repeat signs and
first endings (alternatives) are ignored, and the 2nd ending is played, 
unless there is a third.

An illegal workaround is to have a 1.3. alt and a 2.4. alt.   Another
is "D.C. with repeat".

Don't grasp the nettle firmly.
Just let go of the damn thing.

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