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Re: Shifting text markup and reharsal marks

From: Antonio Palama
Subject: Re: Shifting text markup and reharsal marks
Date: Wed, 02 Apr 2003 09:24:46 +0200
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Hans Forbrich wrote:

My understanding of "padding" is to ensure separation to the next object.

I frequently use "extra-offset" instead of padding to move text, and that gives
both horizontal and vertical.  Format is (from memory - horiz & vert might be

   \property Voice.TextScript \override #'extra-offset = #'( horiz  . vert )

and I usually use the \once operator since the offset is usually for the next
markup only.  {Replace horiz and vert with numeric values in staff spaces.)   I
haven't tried whether the values can be 'real' or fractions, so far I've only
needed integer, but I can see fractions being required.

I personally think that would be a mistake to allow move/position by absolute
distances, since the score could be recast in any number of sizes (13, 16, 20
point, etc.)  The scaling factor of 'staff spaces' allows for appropriate
relative tracking.


Thank you; this is exactly what I was looking for; will try it tonight.
I agree that absolute distances are not the proper way to handle
this problem but until now, the only way I found to do offsets was
the LaTeX hack:
c4^"\\hspace{5mm} Allegro"
or something similar.
Does the  instruction you give modify the offset of rehearsal marks too or
have I to use a diffent property like Voice.RehearsalMark or something

Thanks again,


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