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how to use new markup scheme type ???

From: Alexandre Beneteau
Subject: how to use new markup scheme type ???
Date: Sun, 06 Apr 2003 18:54:01 +0200
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Since lily 1.7.13, I used a usefull macro to instruct brass instruments to put mute on :

sourdineOn = \notes { \once \property Voice.MultiMeasureRestNumber \override #'text = #'(roman "Mettez la sourdine") }

Then, in the score, just before multi measure rest :
\sourdineOn R1*12

But, now lily 1.7.15 complain about the type of argument :

Type check for `text' failed; value `(roman "Mettez la sourdine")' must be of type `markup

I've tried to dig in the documentation and even the scm files.... but can figure out how to well format a markup type (scheme is quite obscur at that time for me...)

I suppose this is a trivial for several of you, but I would be very happy if someone could quick show me how to proceed...

Thanks in advance,


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