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feature or bug again

From: David Bobroff
Subject: feature or bug again
Date: 14 Apr 2003 11:29:17 +0000

Now that I've got the latest CVS running I still have the same question
I had a couple days ago.  In this example:

\score{\notes \relative c'' {
\property Score.skipBars = ##t
\property Staff.MultiMeasureRest \override #'minimum-length = #25
        \break R1*9^\markup{\large \bold "text over

\property Staff.MultiMeasureRest \revert #'mininum-length

c4^#'((large bold) "text over notes") d e f |
c^\markup{\large \bold "text over notes"} d e f  


The text over the rests sits higher that the text over the notes.  Is it
a feature or a bug?  Someone suggested that a recent patch (2 days ago?)
to CVS "fixed" this but there has been no change for me.

-David Bobroff

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