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mftrace in Debian (for building LilyPond)

From: Paul Scott
Subject: mftrace in Debian (for building LilyPond)
Date: Sat, 19 Apr 2003 10:41:55 -0700
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I have just installed GIMP1.3 on my Debian system and allowed it to remove mftrace and friends. Now I when I try to find a way to reintall mftrace to be able to install further CVS version of LilyPond I find that liblcms upon which mftrace (through autotrace) depends is incompatible with not only GIMP 1.3 but also KDE.

I post this here instead of lilypond-devel because of Laura's thread on 1.6.8.

Now in reading that thread more carefully I see that the deb I have built for 1.7.16 might be useful to others. Should I send that to someone who might be able to make it available to others? Actually as I write this I realize I could put it on my web site and will look into doing that right away.

Paul Scott

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