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group articulations2

From: David Bobroff
Subject: group articulations2
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2003 21:41:15 +0000

>Write it for sed and I'll stick it in ptfilter.sed for sly.
>I don't have anything quite like that, dealing with

Being only VERY slightly familiar with sly I'm not sure how to go about
this (I've never used it).

>Are you sure that it's worth it?  You would still have
>to type something like:
>@art -.  b16 a g f e d @/art

b16-. a-. g-. f-. e-. d-. 

Ok, even with this example I would only be saving one keystroke but I still
think it would be easier to type.  For a longer stretch of same
ariticulation notes I think it could be useful.

-David Bobroff
The irony is that Bill Gates claims to be making a stable operating system
and Linus Torvalds claims to be trying to take over the world. 

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