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Re: when to expect gcc 3.2.x compat

From: Alexandre Beneteau
Subject: Re: when to expect gcc 3.2.x compat
Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2003 21:22:52 +0200
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No distro.... It was a Slackware 8 years ago.... but I am not sure there is a single file left from this period !

I use flex 2.5.24, gcc 3.2.2, guile 1.6.0....

If you experiment problems, maybe I could help (?)...

At this time to compile lilypond I just have to configure and make :-)


Bryan Koschmann - GKT wrote:
I had posted a message on April 9th about it. Everything I found pretty
much pointed to a problem with flex (peoples comments, archives, etc).

I can forward you the message if you like, the subject was
"failed make with gcc 3.2.2 and flex 2.5.31"

What distro are you on?



On Fri, 25 Apr 2003, Alexandre Beneteau wrote:

|I use gcc 3.2.2 for several weeks and compile fine lilypond... what's
|the problem ?
|Bryan Koschmann - GKT wrote:
|> Hello,
|> Just curious if anyone knows when to expect lilypond to actually work on
|> gcc 3.2.x. I know it was a problem with flex, but I'm hoping to hear
|> "soon" since all the flex sources claimed it was fixed already.
|> I'm really stuck in the middle here, lilypond hates 3.2.2, and ardour
|> only likes 3.2.2. :(
|>   Bryan
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