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Re: [chord mode]

From: Hans Forbrich
Subject: Re: [chord mode]
Date: Fri, 02 May 2003 13:09:57 -0600

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Depending on the version

Version 1.6.x (and lower)
- surround the notes of the chord with angle brackets
- you can specify articulations, etc. against any or multiple notes in
the chord
- eg: <a c e >  or <a4 c_. e >

Version 1.7.x (and higher?)
- the above is still valid but is a 'simultaneous sound' rather than
'chord' mode.
for 'chord mode'
- surround the notes by doubled angle brackets
- specify articulations at enmd of closiong bracket just as you would
for a single note
- eg: <<a c e >> or <<a c e >>4\_.


"Salomon, address@hidden" wrote:

>  How do you show chords--i.e., more than one note at a time?  In the
> tutorial it shows only melody.Thank you!
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