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problems using skip

From: clive CATTERALL
Subject: problems using skip
Date: Sat, 3 May 2003 20:20:42 +0100

I am having trouble changing time within a piece.  I am extracting parts
from a Victoria Psalm not entered by me.  The original score worked fine
after updating to my version of Lilypond, but I cannot get the changes from
2/2 to 3/2 and back again right.

Perhaps I am putting the \skip and \time commands in the wrong place as I
either get no output, or I get all of the notes following on after a blank
staff with the time changes and double bar lines in the right places.

It seems I am not "rewinding" the time pointer after performing the skips
forward to put the time changes and double barlines in.  Any suggestions?  I
must be doing something so obviously wrong I cannot see what it is.

Clive Catterall
baroque flutes made using traditional methods and materials

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