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multi lingual???

From: Aaron
Subject: multi lingual???
Date: 04 May 2003 22:06:04 +0300

I have been trying to type set approx 200 hebrew songs.
I originally used Finale, but the hebrew stinks.
Wanting to use opensource packages, I tried abc and lilypond.
I see that the best choice for Linux is Lily pond, but I just haven't
the foggyist idea how to add hebrew to titles and lyrics.

This is becoming a major issue with me. If I don't succeed soon with the
hebrew, I will be forced to buy (ugh) Sibelius (600 dollars I think) and
install windoze. I have been windoze free for quite a while but sadly I
may have to set up a dual boot again.

Can anyone help me get hebrew lyrics and titles working with lilypond???


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