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metronome marking

From: David Bobroff
Subject: metronome marking
Date: 07 May 2003 20:51:22 +0000

I'm using the following contruction to make metronome markings.  I need
to make a metronome marking with a dotted quarter note and have not been
able to figure out how to do it.  

     quarterStem = \markup \combine
        \musicglyph #"flags-stem"
        \translate #'(0.0 . 3.5) \musicglyph #"flags-u"
     quarterNote = \markup
        \override #'(word-space . 0.0)
        { \musicglyph #"noteheads-2"
          \translate #'(-0.05 . 0.1) \quarterStem }

I've found  a dotted eight contruction but it uses the older scheme
structure.  Here it is modified to produce a dotted quarter note but the
dot is too close to the notehead.

     #(define note '(columns
       (music "noteheads-2" ((kern . -0.1) "flags-stem"))))
     #(define quarter-note `(columns ,note ((kern . -0.1)
       (music ((raise . 3.5) "flags-u2")))))
     #(define dotted-quarter-note
       `(columns ,quarter-note (music "dots-dot")))

I would like to use the newer \markup structure.  It is more compact and
streamlined.  Is it planned to replace the earlier style?

-David Bobroff

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