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font problem

From: Jan Kohnert
Subject: font problem
Date: Mon, 12 May 2003 20:52:08 +0200
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I finally upgraded to lilypond-1.6.9 and so far all works fine. But if there 
is a beam over two notes it isn't printed if I open the file with kdvi 
(kde-3.1.0). When I open it with xdvi or use dvips and then look on the 
ps-File the beams are there. Also with the screen-lense-function of xdvi the 
bems are invisible. Is it a problem with my tex-installation (3.14159, 
kpathsea-3.3.7) or could it be something else? I put lilypond-dir in 
texmf.cnf and ran texhash, so that the fonts are readable by lilypond (I also 
tried tex testfont) and also used the clean-fonts-script.
So I finally don't know where else to search the error.

Regards Jan Kohnert

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