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layout tweaks

From: David Bobroff
Subject: layout tweaks
Date: Wed, 14 May 2003 11:31:48 +0000

>> I'm still getting the same exit error, now on ChangLog 1.882
>try make clean.

Thanks Han-Wen.  That fixed it.  I neglected to give that a try.

In working on a project I'm finding that sometimes a system will have a lot
of music on it.  I know that I can add \break and \noBreak to make
adjustments.  I often find that using \break produces unexpected/unwanted
results as well.  Is there a way to adjust the "looseness" overall?  I
think that PMX can do something like this.  Could such a feature, if it
isn't already there, be added to Lilypond?

One feature that Finale has that I have found to be most useful is the
ability to force a set of measures onto the same line.  Could Lilypond do
this?  Something like \sameSystem{lilypond code} would be easy enough to
use.  Maybe it would not be so easy to implement.

-David Bobroff

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