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Re: stanza numbers

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: stanza numbers
Date: Wed, 14 May 2003 18:20:16 +0200
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Please use the convert-ly function to upgrade your files to the
current version. This will for example replace all
visibility-lambda with break-visibility which is the new name
of that property.

In general, to find out more about the properties that can be
set on each type of object, goto, click on
Documentation:Index and then on "Documentation of internals".
For example, you can scroll down and click on StanzaNumber to
see all properties that affects the stanza numbers. See also
the sections in the tutorial and manual on "Tuning the output".


Jan Kohnert wrote:
Hello, this is hopefully the last (stupid) question I have for a couple of time: I write notes containing lyrics of some stanzas, so I looked at the manual and found "\property LyricsVoice . stanza ="1."" to be set to get proper stanza numbers. Unfortunately the manual doesn't say anything about how to type if there are some bars instrumental before the lyrics start. (Here I'm using "\HaraKiriStaff" not to get the empty staff containing the melody on the output). So I looked on the mutopia web-page and found a piece, where all the stanza numbers were visible, using the following:

"\property LyricsVoice . stz ="1.""
"\property Lyrics . StanzaNumber \override #'visibility-lambda = #all-visible"

So I got this and wrote in my lyrics section:

"\property Lyrics . StanzaNumber \override #'visibility-lambda = #begin-of-line-visible"
for the first line of the staff, and afterwards:

"\property Lyrics . StanzaNumber \override #'visibility-lambda = #all-invisible",

so that I didn't get the stanza numbers in ervery line, but only in the first line containing lyrics. This worked so far (but not ever) in 1.4.10. But now in 1.6.9 I get the following error:

warning: Can't find property type-check for `visibility-lambda' (backend-type?). Perhaps you made a typing error?
warning: Doing assignment anyway.

and there are no stanza numbers plotted.
So is there any possibility to get the stanza numbers to where I want them, i. f. directly in the line with the first lyrics?
And if, is there maybe a better way?

Regards Jan Kohnert

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