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Accidentals crash

From: Peter Schillerwein
Subject: Accidentals crash
Date: Thu, 15 May 2003 19:41:17 +0200


i use lilypond just a few weeks.

Now i'm stuck. Please look at this fragment of a simple piece by F. Poulenc.
It's a dirty style of notation, like music for guitar is often written.

\include ""
\include ""
\score {
  \clef "violin_8"
  \key a \minor
  \time 3/4

  \property Voice.PhrasingSlur \set #'attachment = #'(head . stem)

  [<a8 cis' e'\(> gis] <g4 b d'> <e h \)e'> |
  \property Voice.PhrasingSlur \set #'attachment = #'(head . head)

  [<a8 cis' e'\(> g'] [<as! c'! f'> d'] <g!4 h \)e'> |
 \paper { 
    papersize = "a4"
    indent = 0.0 \cm
    linewidth = 17.0 \cm

The accidentals in the second bar ( c' and as) crash together.

Coding \property Staff.Accidentals \override  #'right-padding =#2.0
results is shifting both accidentals. This seems to be clear but is not 
desired. It should look like in the bar before.

I bothered through the manual, FAQ, examples, mailing-list etc.,
but couldn't find a solution (yet).

It's only a question of time and i find the solution by myself but may be  
someone more experienced and skilled knows how to to this now.

This would be a great.

Yours, Peter

P.S.: Let me say: lily is really great. Mighty stuff.
What an effort !  Han-Wen and Jan, can you hear me?
And i swear that i will have a look at my new scheme-manual.

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