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Pedal and text-spanner Q's

From: Atte André Jensen
Subject: Pedal and text-spanner Q's
Date: Fri, 16 May 2003 16:55:25 +0200

Hi all

After being out of the loop for quite a while I'm back :-)

I sit with a score where I have 2 problems:

1) the pedaling in the last bar should something like:

    |  |]


instead of

   |  |]


How do I do that? My last bar now goes like

s2\sU\sD s4 s\sU

where \sU and \sD are defined as
sU = \spanrequest \stop "Sustain" 
sD = \spanrequest \start "Sustain"

I guess I basically needs a another note to attach the final \sU to

s2\sU\sD s4 s8..\sU\sD s32\sU

This looks ok in the output but gives me the warning:

/home/atte/music/lily/albert/ warning: Programming
error: Spanner `PianoPedalBracket' is not fully contained in parent
spanner `SustainPedalLineSpanner'.:
    | s2\sU\sD s4 s8..\sU\sD

Should I simply ignore this warning or what can I do??

2) It seems ending of the octavation marking in bar 23 is thrown of by
the linebreak (a guess) so it's a little bit too early (should be after
not *before* the note). And I also not really like the 


in the right margin of bar 22 but would prefer simply 


Am I doing something wrong?

Hope someone has time to help me out. If this is explained in the Fine
Manual somewhere, please point me in the right direction.

I put the .ly-file (sorry it's a bit long) and the pdf I get from it

Pedals are done in the voice "pedal" the octavings are in the voice

I'm using lily 1.6.9...
peace, love & harmony

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