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Re: Lute tablature

From: Rune Zedeler
Subject: Re: Lute tablature
Date: Fri, 16 May 2003 22:43:27 +0200
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Laura Conrad wrote:

        One major difference between Dowland's tablature and the
        guitar tab that lilypond defaults to is that the fret
        indications are letters and not numbers.  Has anyone created a
        tablature-format function that would do this?

#(define (fret-letter-tablature-format string tuning pitch)
  (make-string 1 (integer->char
   (+ (char->integer #\a)
   (- (ly:pitch-semitones pitch)
      (list-ref tuning (- string 1)))))))

\score {
        \property Score.tablatureFormat = #fret-letter-tablature-format

        Another problem is that not all lutes have the same number of
        strings (or more precisely, courses), and Dowland dealt with
        this by generally using 6 string tablature, but occasionally
        using a ledger line if he was specifying a fret on the seventh
        (or even lower) course.  Would lily allow this?

It is easy to typeset numbers outsides the staff - just specify a string number to great/small to fit into the tab. Getting ledger lines is more tricky because ledger lines are currently created by the note-heads engraver which is not used in the tabstaff. I would not know how to put ledgers into tabs.

        Another problem is that I wasn't planning on figuring out
        the pitch Dowland was specifying in order to enter the tab.
        Why shouldn't I just be able to enter the tab (and the tuning
        table for the strings), and have the computer figure out the

Hmmm... This is impossible. How would you distiguish cis from des?

        I also don't see any examples of tab with the note values
        indicated by stems above the staff the way the Dowland tab has

No comments on this one right now, sorry. IIRC a function was once added to draw stems outsides the staff - but I cannot just find it...


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