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Re: [OT]Re: Lute tablature

From: Michal Seta
Subject: Re: [OT]Re: Lute tablature
Date: Wed, 21 May 2003 00:53:59 -0500

On Wed, 21 May 2003 00:01:35 -0400
William wrote:

> Michal, I don't know if you did what I did, but the 'from:' on this
> email is only aimed at me, no cc: in evidence. If you wanted it to go
> to the list, you'll need to remake or forward it.

argh...  I  do that all the time...

> I'm familiar with the tab program. [snip] but it doesn't do other
> notations well.

That's what turned me off.  I needed something where I could mix tab,
standard expressive marks and poetry, all in a flexible layout.
> My dream remains that Lilypond will address tab in a truely sensible
> fashion, which allows it to be useful both to modern and
> historical-focussed musicians and composers. Already, giant steps are
> being made in older notational forms for staff music. The tab is still
> very much in its infancy.

My thoughts exactly.  However, I'd be interested in contemporary
notation to appear sooner than the historical :)  but improvements to
the tab would be welcome...
>  As I said in my post, I'm at
> the point where I can look at tab, feel it in my hands and hear it in
> my head (even with some scordaturae) without having to have it
> performed for me, or even having to have a stringed instrument in my
> hands.

Well, that's because you have played the instrument for a long time and
you have a 'physical' relationship with it.  Some time ago I was able to
look at tabs in 'Guitar PLayer' or the like and 'hear' the lines
including various bends, artificial harmonics and such.  However, I
still considered it a 'lesser' notational practice (not anymore though,
I'm out of academia now :).  But I do agree that
tab is useful as performance notation.

BTW, correct me if I'm wrong, fantasias were mostly improvised pieces so
the transciptions are not really a 'faithful' representations of
those...  Whether they include a vocal line or not...

> I'm fascinated that you're using a guitar with a viol for modern
> compositions! That sounds really neat. My bass violist is always after
> me because I tend not to want to get into modern stuff written for
> viols(to be honest, most of what I've seen is pretty bad).

I have heard some interesting works but I can't recall the composers
now...  If you want I can dig out the info.  I heard some works
performed by Les Voix Humaines and I think they might have recorded them
but I'm not sure.

> Have you done
> anything that doesn't require moving the frets on the viol, and might
> even be scored in regular notation? (The guitar part can be anything,
> I can read notation, tab, change the tuning and whatever. But Jennifer
> is reluctant to consider trying to read period notation, and has
> avoided tab like it's a plague!)

No.  I always like to complicate mine and others' life... But, luckily,
Lorne was into trying new things.  I use primarily linux and scoring,
especially microtonal music, isn't easy on this platform without major
hacking.  I almost used CMN but then opted for tab because it was so
much easier to: 1) write down whatever i was trying to do on guitar
(both instruments are tuned the same way) and 2) sight-read without
scratching your head every bar or so.

  If you want to hear some improvised
electronic music using gamba, prepared guitar, computers and keyboards
don't miss (sorry, couldn't resist
the plug)

Otherwise, I'm planning to release the piece I'm about finish which is
written for 2 spoken word performers, gamba, guitar and computer.  The
instruments are tuned in Just Intonation.  The score and the software
will be a free download.  They will be of not much use because I don't
know many guitarists who are eager to rip off their frets and replace
them with pieces of wires and then relearn the instrument...

> Anyway, I appreciate the response, and the pointer to the tab program
> is a good one, as long as you aren't trying to make an integrated
> edition with tab and modern notation.

That's why I stick with lilypond.

      __  __ (_)___   Michal Seta
     /  \/  \ _/^ _|
    /        V |_  \

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