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"\translator Staff" and "\autochange Staff"

From: Atte André Jensen
Subject: "\translator Staff" and "\autochange Staff"
Date: Wed, 21 May 2003 15:25:56 +0200


The following lily fragment gives me trouble:

-- begin lily ---
RH = \notes \relative c \autochange Staff \context Voice = RH {
    | c8 d e f g <a c> <b d> <c e> | <c e> <d f> <e g> f g a b c
    \translator Staff = down
    | c b a g f e <d f> <c e> 
    \translator Staff = up
    | <c e> <b d> <a c> <g b> f e d c

LH = \notes  \relative c \context Voice = LH {
    | c8 d e f g a b c | c d e f g a b c
    | c b a g f e d c | c b a g f e d c

\score {
    \context PianoStaff
    \notes <
        \context Staff = "up" <
        \context Staff = "down" <
            \clef bass

--- end lily ---

The right RH is set to "\autochange Staff", but although the
"\translator Staff = down" indeed throws all notes in bar 3 to the lover
staff the "\translator Staff = up" doesn't force the notes to the upper

What am I doing wrong?

peace, love & harmony

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