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Re: Suppressing the printing of default objects

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Suppressing the printing of default objects
Date: Thu, 22 May 2003 12:46:42 +0200
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Nigel Warner wrote:
Dear All,

        I am using 1.6.8-4 under Cygwin and XP.

        I am using lilypond-book to write some text about music
and want to include some non-standard illustrations - for example,
a stave embellished with a clef and a series of 7 key signatures
one after the other. To distil the picture down to it's basic
constituents I want to suppress the printing of the standard bits
of stave furniture at will. The following morsel of code is my
first attempt to suppress the printing of a default time signature
but it does not do so.

 \score {
  \context Staff <
  \property Staff.TimeSignature \override #'transparent = ##f
        \notes {
        d'8 e' g' g' fis' g' a' a' |  g' fis' c' d' d' d' r4 |  }

        If anyone can shed some light on this, or the problem of
suppressing the printing of objects in general I would be grateful.

The problem is that the initial Time Signature is created before
you set the property. If you instead set the property within the
definition of the contexts, it should work:

      TimeSignature \override #'transparent = ##f

        Secondly, I have acquired the source and installed it but have
been unable to generate the internals documentation using the incantation:

        make -C Documentation/user/ out/lilypond-internals.html

whilst standing in the top level directory - which is very vexing.

Did you manage to run ./configure ? Otherwise you won't get any
makefile. This means that you need a full Cygwin development environment
with sufficiently recent versions of Guile, for example. I've never
tried compiling in Cygwin, so I don't know how hard it is.

        Thirdly, just in case you were wondering, I am doing this in Windows
as Mandrake 9.1 does not support my motherboard/nvidia chipset yet so I am
without sound under Linux.

Have you checked the Nvidia homepage, they seem interested to provide
good support also for Linux.

Does anyone know how to write to a NTFS partition
from Linux ? As far as I can tell Linux is mounting it read/write but I
seem to write to it.

It seems they have still not managed to support writing in a stable way,
see /usr/src/linux-*/Documentation/filesystems/ntfs.txt on your machine.


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