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Howto do these things with lily?

From: Atte André Jensen
Subject: Howto do these things with lily?
Date: Fri, 23 May 2003 04:02:00 +0200

I've been scratching my head over these problems for a few days now, and
reluctantly I ask you for help (still 1.6.9 here):

1) How do I change the "rotation" of the hairpin dynamic, something like


Instead of


This is both to avoid clashes and to follow a fast rising group of notes
more elegantly. Is there some way to grap each end of grobs like this
(would be handy with slurs sometimes as well) and move them around?

2) Is there a clean way to make "ring out ties" that is ties that are
only connected to note(s) in one end (the left). This indicates more
loosely that the notes should be held for some indefinate amount of
time... I could of course tie to transparent notes, but are there other,
better ways?

3) Is there a way to notate shifted rhythms, something like (here he
goes again with his crappy ASCII-"art"):

      |      |           |                 |              |
      |      |           |                 |              |
|___**____/ \|________/ \|___|__________/ \|____________**____|
|___/ \__________/ \_________|___/ \____________/ \___________|
   |            |               |              |
   |            |               |              |
   |            |               |              |

I basically need it with faster and more complicated rhythms but if the
above is possible, I guess I should be able to work that out. A lot of
transparency + extra voice (s) + extra-offset could hack it, but I'd
really, really rather not...

4) Is it a feature or a bug when the following fragment refuses to print
the right hand (RH) in the last bar in the upper staff? I know I asked
before, but I really don't get it, is the only solution to drop the
\autochange and do them all by hand?

-- begin lily ---
RH = \notes \relative c \autochange Staff \context Voice = RH {
    | c8 d e f g <a c> <b d> <c e> | <c e> <d f> <e g> f g a b c
    \translator Staff = down
    | c b a g f e <d f> <c e> 
    \translator Staff = up
    | <c e> <b d> <a c> <g b> f e d c

LH = \notes  \relative c \context Voice = LH {
    | c8 d e f g a b c | c d e f g a b c
    | c b a g f e d c | c b a g f e d c

\score {
    \context PianoStaff
    \notes <
        \context Staff = "up" <
        \context Staff = "down" <
            \clef bass

--- end lily ---

Thanks in advance for any help :-)

peace, love & harmony

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