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Re: two questions

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: two questions
Date: Fri, 23 May 2003 20:54:15 +0200
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Spider wrote:
1: crossbar beaming works fine, but how do i get it to work with line breaks? 
for example:

[<c'8 c''> <d' d''> <e' e''> <f' f''> <g' g''> <a' a''> <b' b''>] <c' c''> \break 
<d' d''>

I want to beam the last two eighth notes together, past the line break (half 
beams on both sides,
with the correct direction/orientation/length. crossbar beaming across line 
breaks happens in a
lot of piano scores, how can i replicate the effect?

This is not directly supported at the moment as far as I know.
You could simulate it by adding spacing notes at the end of the
beam of the first line and at the beginning of a new beam at the
second line, but that's a bit clumsy.

2. this is a minor thing: it would be nice if lilypond could output music with 
other fonts - such
as the one used by MUP (clefs look better), the standard "jazz font", etc. will 
this be possible

The main authors of Lilypond usually claim to have the most beautiful
font (they have closely studied the engravings by Baerenreiter and other
"good" publishers"). The main problem of using another font is that the
glyph names are hard coded into Lilypond, but it shouldn't be impossible
to produce more or less faked font metrics files for other fonts that
use the Lilypond glyph names but the character codes and dimensions of
the other font. Also, it has to be a font format that TeX can handle.


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