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key signature change at line breaks

From: Spider
Subject: key signature change at line breaks
Date: Thu, 29 May 2003 06:22:13 -0700 (PDT)

In v 1.6.8, when I go

\bar "||" \break \key bes \major

I get the key signature _before_ the barline. (Same even
with a single barline.) But the correct way to notate it is
(at least in all the piano scores I own) : key signature
changes at line breaks have the key signature AFTER the
double bar, then a line break with no barline at the end of
the line. 

As in: notes || key change, then line break.

I could go \bar "||" s1 \key bes \major \break, but that
leaves a nasty space between the barline and the key
signature change, and also throws off the measure numbers.

Basically I need the barline and key signature at the end
of the line to switch positions.

Has this been fixed in v 1.7.x?

On a side note, if anybody knows how to compile v 1.7.20 in
cygwin, please help - I'm a complete idiot at this and have
no idea how to fix things when ./configure and make fails.

 - Spider

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