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Re: Merging noteheads

From: Olivier Cloirec
Subject: Re: Merging noteheads
Date: Mon, 02 Jun 2003 21:03:24 +0200
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Jeremy a écrit :



Is there a way to merge noteheads of the same color (but not the same
value), in this sort of context:

    { r16 [e fis b] } \\
    { s16 e4. }

"e16" and "e4." have both the same noteheads, and I'd like to merge
them without having to remove noteheads individually.

you should add:
\property Staff.NoteCollision \override
 #'merge-differently-dotted = ##t

before the set of notes.
It should work but this notation ( "\\" ) doesn't work well on my box :-(. May I have to upgrade my lilypond (I'm running 1.4)...

This is a practice I've seen many times in engraved editions.


Good lilyponding

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