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unable to launch Lilypond

From: Roy Schienmann
Subject: unable to launch Lilypond
Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2003 21:58:39 -0600

GNU LilyPond 1.6.6ERROR: In procedure primitive-load-path:
ERROR: Unable to find file "ice-9/boot-9.scm" in load path

This is the message I receive after I type in /sw/bin/lilypond using terminal on OS X (10.2.3). I'm a complete unix newbie using FinkCommander to install unix apps. I've had success installing and launching The Gimp in the previously mentioned manner. When FinkCommander had finished installing Lilypond, I got the following message -

Installation Complete.
@@@ Start a new shell to get the correct lilypond environment settings.
* GNU LilyPond: (lilypond).                    The GNU music typesetter.
install-info(/sw/share/info/ no section specified for new entry, placing at end
* GNU LilyPond internals: (lilypond-internals). LilyPond internals.
install-info(/sw/share/info/ creating new section `GNU music project'

Do you have any suggestions or solutions that will get me up and running Lilypond?
I thank you for your time and patience with a unix newbie.

Roy Schienmann

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