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Re: turning off warnings

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: turning off warnings
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 14:11:39 +0200
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I can't give any good answer about the warnings (except for a sed script
to sort them out), but fermatas and staccatos are typeset by the
graphical object (grob) Script, so
\property TabVoice.Script \override #'transparent = ##t
should work.

You can easily find this out yourself, for example by searching for
"fermata" in the index of the on-line manual. If you scroll down the
page, you'll find a link to "Script" which lists all the possible
properties that affect fermatas and other articulation marks.


Simon Weatherill wrote:
I'm notating some guitar music and would love to get rid of the warnings I
get from string numbers on the staff and glissando's on the tabulature. I'm
used to lint so I don't like to see any warnings.

I've included a couple of the warnings.

Also, I'd like to keep the tab staff clean, so I turned off the stems,
beams, dots and tuplets. How can I turn off a fermata or a staccato?

\property TabStaff.TimeSignature \override #'transparent = ##t
\property TabVoice.Beam \override #'transparent = ##t
\property TabVoice.Dots \override #'transparent = ##t
\property TabVoice.Stem \override #'transparent = ##t
\property TabVoice.Fingering \override #'transparent = ##t
\property TabVoice.tupletInvisible = ##t


----- Warnings -----

/home/simon/cvs/lily/ warning: Junking request:
    e,,8 g' b e fis\glissando a g\2

/home/simon/cvs/lily/ warning: Junking request:
    e2 ais2\4

/home/simon/cvs/lily/ warning: Junking request:
    e,,8 g' b e fis\glissando
                              a g fis b1\fermata
/home/simon/cvs/lily/ warning: Adding note head to
incompatible stem (type = 8):
    b4. cis

/home/simon/cvs/lily/ warning: Adding note head to
incompatible stem (type = 8):
     4. fis-1

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