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putting an accent a bit down

From: ario
Subject: putting an accent a bit down
Date: 17 Jun 2003 21:27:00 +0200

Hello all,
in the following score I'd love to shift the accent a little bit lower.

\score { \notes \relative c' {
    \slurDown f'8_>( )b,8 f2 a b c d e f g a b c d e f g

I've tried it with a propertie which I tried to derive from the method
to shift the slur:
( \property Voice.Slur \override #'extra-offset =  #'(0 . -1.2) )
and made:

\property Voice.Accent \override #'extra-offset =  #'(0 . -1.2) 

which in my opinion was the logical thing to do. Disappointment... it
didn't work. Can anybody help?


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