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Re: (almost) solved: how to include cyrillic characters in the lyrics?

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: (almost) solved: how to include cyrillic characters in the lyrics?
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 22:36:42 +0200
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ario wrote:

Finally, thanks to you all I was able to (almost :)  solve the textual
problems in the music (my first with lilypond - a marvellously charming
program if I may say) that I was typesetting.
The result of the work until now is here:
and I'm glad to say that I think that it already almost looks good :)

however, I still do have two or three questions:

1. How can I shift the last (the 'yah') character of the second voice a
bit to the left? LaTeX command?
Did you try to manually add a space at the beginning of the syllable?
Something like "  text" or maybe "\\ text".

2. How can I shift the 'accents' ('>'sign) a bit up and down?

(read this in fixed pitch font mode)

See the answer to your own repeated question.

3. How can I shift the 'voltas' (like the  |1.-3.     | ) a bit up?
Normally the first volta would be lower that the second, due to the one
octave lower g, and would overlap the measure numbering box. I now
solved it putting an invisible g'' in measure 13, using an additional
voice just for doing that... I hope there's a better solution?
Check out the properties for the VoltaBracket object (you can find the
list of all available graphical objects "grobs" at if you click
at Documentation:index and then "documentation of internals").
Hint: I have mentioned the same property name earlier tonight.


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