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Re: Re[2]: partcombine for more than two parts?

From: Niki Pantelias
Subject: Re: Re[2]: partcombine for more than two parts?
Date: Sun, 22 Jun 2003 23:20:55 -0400

  The whole file is rather a lot to read, so here is a file containing 
four brass parts only which exhibits the same behavior.

  One more thing I came across since my last email -- when the first part 
has a solo and the other three parts have multi-measure rests, the 
combined staff prints a rest on top of (sometimes literally on top of!) 
the part that is playing.  (bars 25-31).

  It could simply be that I'm grossly lagging in version number -- I'm 
using a 1.3  build (long story...)

  -- Niki

On Friday 20 June 2003 23:44, Jeremy wrote:
> NP>   One thing I do notice is that I get multiple dynamic markings on
> the NP> staff with the combined voices.  But since I'm the only one who
> will see NP> the score, I can live with that.
> Would you care to send the .ly source file as an attachment to this
> list?
>  Jeremy

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