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Re: Lyric Font Changes over Multiple Staves-hebrew lyrics

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Lyric Font Changes over Multiple Staves-hebrew lyrics
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2003 14:33:32 +0200
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You can actually read the Lilypond generated file (lily-xxxxx.tex
if you use lilypond-book) and see the TeX code that's generated for
the syllables. In my example below, you should for example find
\hebrew{first syllable} somewhere in the file.
This could be a first step to trace down what actually happens.


Aaron wrote:
Hi Mats,
I tried much of this but with limited results so far, it could be that
with some more experimenting I may succeed. \r and \l withelatex are supposed to do that but in lyrics they so far
seem to be ignored...

I  hope that once I understand how everything works I will be able to
come  up with some additional steps,
and I will correct the wrapper file as well
On Thu, 2003-06-26 at 14:28, Mats Bengtsson wrote:

I don't really know anything about how the Hebrew support in
eLaTeX is implemented. What I know is that Lilypond uses low-level
font selection commands like
\font\myfont=jerus10 \myfont
when typesetting the lyrics.

Regarding the backwords notation, I can think of two main solutions
(again not knowing anything about the Hebrew support):

- Let Lilypond just change the font and write the syllables
  backwards by hand. This should probably work without any extra
  LaTeX package for Hebrew and with ordinary LaTeX instead of eLaTeX,
  but you probably want such a package anyway for the titling.

- Use some LaTeX package that lets you insert Hebrew quotes in
  a document that mainly is written with latin letters. Let's say
  that the corresponding command is \hebrew{...}. Then you could
  typeset your lyrics using
lyrics = \lyrics{"\\hebrew{first syllable}" "\\hebrew{second syllable}" }
  Of course, this is a bit clumsy and ruins Lilypond's ability to
  calculate the length of each syllable when it determines the note
  spacing. However, it should be fairly easy for som Scheme hacker
  on the Lilypond list to make a small hack that automatically adds
  the \hebrew{...} around each syllable, once you have made it work.

The problem you experience with notation written backwards indicates
that you use a LaTeX package that by default writes everything as
Hebrew. What you need is Latin text (or at least left to right text)
as the default and a possibility to switch to Hebrew on demand.


Aaron wrote:

Well, you are welcome,
but I just copied it from a letter on cyrillic fonts.

but if it helped I am happy.

On the hebrew side I have a stickier problem.

When I run my example through lilypond-book it treats all text as

I need a way to make sure that just the lyrics are processed as hebrew.

The use of hebrew itself is problematic:
hebrew is right to left and english is left to right, but hebrew lyrics
are left to right globally and right to left locally:

As follows:
this is english -> -> abc abc starts from the left
<- <- hebrew is this   cba cba starts from the right

lyrics                  start from the left, but each syllable  are read
from the right.

the problem I am having is how to get everything both the notation and
the lyrics to start from the left!!! Think about it a second when I tell
latex to use hebrew it makes everything go from right to left even the
I have dvi's with hebrew and the notation backwards....

Any thoughts???

On Thu, 2003-06-26 at 01:12, Warren Stickney wrote:

My Lyrics problem is now solved.

Thanks, Aaron, for the correct command and structure as in your message on
hebrew lyrics.

I have so much to learn.

Warren Stickney
New Zealand
E-mail : address@hidden

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