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hebrew lily lyrics

From: Aaron
Subject: hebrew lily lyrics
Date: 27 Jun 2003 06:40:26 +0300

I finally narrowed things down a bit.

I was getting error messeges and I didn't know from where, so I started
over from scratch with a new score and deleting all the lilypond
generated files. I added one \ to hebalef and I got errors so I added
the two \\hebalef. no errors but no hebrew alef. I added "\\hebalef" and
I got errors and no output.

I tried \HeblatexRedefineL in the wrapper and it turned the music R to

I tried \\HeblatexRedefineL in the lyrics and it also turned the music R
to L???

I have a hunch that for \\hebalef I shouldn't change the font.
I am guessing that is what turns the english "h" into a hebrew "yud"

I need a command that will tell elatex that \\hebalef should become an

Any help would be welcome.

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