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Re: hebrew lyrics lilypond!!

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: hebrew lyrics lilypond!!
Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2003 17:47:04 +0200
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Aaron wrote:

Ok lets try to unconfuse me.
1.\\HeblatexRedefineL honestly this is from the hebrew latex but I am
not sure what it means, does the L at the end stand for left?? if so
maybe I should us an R??

2. \\R or \\L I see how you used the "" which I didn't do
3. \\sethebrew or \\unsethebrew - can this be used in the lilyfile?? I
am generally confused whether to use this at all or maybe I need it in
the wrapper???

4. then there is the font issue do I need to define the font if I am
using //hebalef??

These questions have nothing to do with Lilypond, please post to
the ivrtex (or whatever it was called) list!

Now I have some idea of what to do next.
1. the \\R with the quotes according to mats.
2. If that doesn't work \\HeblatexRedefineL with the quotes according to

I will run these tests and include the outputs and the files so that
things will I hope be clearer.


am trying the following

text = \context Lyrics \lyrics { \\HeblatexRedefineL  { "\\hebalef"
"\\hebgimel" "\\hebalef" "\\hebalef" }
This would mean that the first syllable of the lyrics is \HeblatexRedefine,
then you have a curly brace that does nothing. You have to switch manually
to Hebrew for each single syllable, see my previous posts!


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