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help required in input/test

From: Graham Percival
Subject: help required in input/test
Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2003 16:43:45 -0700

Any advanced Lilypond users out there (other than the regular devel
team)?  Want to fix problems in the Lilypond documentation, get 1.8
released sooner, make the world a better place, feed starving puppies,
and bring sunshine to dark places? Ok, I was joking about the last two
options.  But the rest are valid!

(about 1.8: these issues should be fixed before 1.8, and if somebody
other than the regular Lilypond guys fixes them, then the regular devel
team can spend their time working on other stuff)

Here's a list of jobs to be done; most are relatively small, and if you
know what you're doing, they should be pretty quick to do.  If you
_don't_ know what you're doing, then you'll learn new and exciting parts
of Lilypond!

(all filenames are in input/test/ )
1) the staccatos don't get added.  The make-music and
scm stuff needs to be fixed/updated.  (hint: does
work; maybe that can help you with

2) it would be nice if this file was split up into
multiple smaller files (like  I don't know anything
about ancient music (Purcell is the furthest back I go), so it would
be nice if somebody else looked at this.  This job doesn't actually
need to be done before 1.8, but it would be nice.

3) knowledge of #'molecule-callback.  I think we're
missing a few boxes in this example.

4) and both have been massively
commented out.  I've never used chords, so I'd appreciate it if somebody
else looked at them.

5) question about music notation: if you have a cue in a
different clef, should you return to the initial clef before you start
the real notes? IIRC you should, but this file originally didn't do

6) I suspect this scheme isn't working.  Any scheme
hackers want to take a look?

7) I'm not certain that we need so much blank space in
this example.  (ok, this one is a question for Han or Jan)

8)  (another for Han or Jan)  Is input/test/ the best place for and

- Graham

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