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slurs and cresc and dynamics plus

From: Aaron
Subject: slurs and cresc and dynamics plus
Date: Tue, 02 Dec 2003 07:13:53 +0200

I am using aspects of lilypond that I never used before. These include 
text markups, dynamics, ornaments, longer rests slurs and tuplets  etc. 

I am struck by how these elements individually work so nicely, but
together (all in the same measure/note) are for lack of a better word a
mess. I see that they will work together with the addition of spacer
notes and other tweaks. Even if you would say that they work so don't
fix what aint broke, this is a most unelegant solution.

I realize that this may be more appropriate for the developers list, but
I was wondering if this whole set of tools will be getting a reworking?
But with the aim of greater simplicity.


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