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jazz and score output

From: c10221
Subject: jazz and score output
Date: Thu, 4 Dec 2003 11:28:41 +0100
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hi all,

with mats' help i've now got my output looking how i want it. now i have three
feature "requests" (if they are not totally insane and vaguely implementable).

in jazz notation you often see a slur up to a note from nowhere and also you may
find a slur from a note downwards ending in nothing. to implement these in
lilypond it is not quite trivial, but it works, with the only gripe being that
it is a lot of work just for on little output tweak. my suggestion would be to
implement two commands "\climb" and "\fall" --- which will either slur up from
nowhere or slur down to nowhere... this would make the job of anybody creating
jazz (or modern) charts w/lilypond a lot easier.

2ndly, the glissando notation is cool. i love it --- especially the zigzag
style... one bug/feature which is not right: if a glissando goes say from beat 4
at the end of one line to beat 1 at the beginning of the next line, you only get
a tiny little line at the end, but almost not there (in 16pt). the glissando
should also be continued on the next line finishing at the note it is attached
to. this fragment should show what i'm on about:

\score {
  \notes {
    \property Staff.TextScript \set #'extra-offset = #'(0 . 3)
    \clef bass
    \repeat unfold 4 { g4 g g g } |
    g4^"line" \glissando b g g \glissando | \break b1
    \repeat unfold 4 { g4 g g g } |
    \property Voice.Glissando \override #'style = #'zigzag
    g4^"zigzag" \glissando b g g \glissando | \break b1
    \repeat unfold 4 { g4 g g g } |
    \property Voice.Glissando \override #'style = #'dashed-line
    g4^"dashed-line" \glissando b g g \glissando | \break b1
    \repeat unfold 4 { g4 g g g } |
    \property Voice.Glissando \override #'style = #'dotted-line
    g4^"dotted-line" \glissando b g g \glissando | \break b1
    \repeat unfold 4 { g4 g g g } |
    \property Voice.Glissando \override #'style = #'trill
    g4^"trill" \glissando b g g \glissando | \break b1
    \repeat unfold 4 { g4 g g g } |
    \bar "|."

as you can see, this problem is especially apparent w/dotted-line style.

third feature/bug request: when creating a score, lilypond does not take the
Staff.instrument/Staff.instr text into account when calculating the linewidth of
the score. which then results in manually having to tweak the linewidth down
until the text fits on the page. would it be possible for lily to automagically
calculate the instrument names into the linewidth thereby avoiding this problem?
I realise that this may lead to unsightly indents in the first line w/overlong
instrument names, but it would save most ppl a lot of work.


simon the impossible. :)

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