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bug with extender lines

From: Russ Ross
Subject: bug with extender lines
Date: Thu, 4 Dec 2003 18:57:23 +0000
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I see two problems with extender lines which I believe are bugs:

1. They start too soon, overlapping text (particularly noticable
   with punctuation).

2. When they end at a rest or the end of the piece, a warning is
   generated "warning: unbound spanner `LyricExtender'"  The output
   is correct in this case, but the warning should be suppressed.

Here's an example that illustrates both problems:

\score {
    \simultaneous {
        \context Staff \notes \relative c' {
            c4 d e f g f e d
        \context Lyrics \lyrics {
            This2 __ is, __ an; __ example. __
    \paper {}

Is there a way to fix the spacing issue?  If I can do it in one
place then that's fine, but if I have to change it every time I use
an extender line then that seems a bit silly.

Also, is there any way to suppress the warning?  When I get dozens
of those warnings scrolling by it makes it difficult to spot the
real errors.

If the answer to either is "no", would someone who is subscribed to
the developers' list be kind enough to forward this message as a bug
report?  The list is closed to non-subscribers.


- Russ

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