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Re: xml

From: Aaron
Subject: Re: xml
Date: Tue, 09 Dec 2003 10:01:12 +0200

Well so much for that.
Musicxml and most attempts at notation and xml, try to reinvent the
wheel. And a bad job of it at that.

HTML uses Element which contain data <p>hello world</p>
The musical xml formats rely on elements with attributes, ugly to say
the least and impossible for humans to write.

Here is a more logical/familar idea:

<lily><head><title>Hello World Song</title>

<score><measure>a4 b c d<measure><score>


most xml editors will drop tags automatically, so you end up with
entering lilypond wrapped in tags.

I saw a disscussion the abc users list for abcxml, and thought that
since lily is more robust a parrallel xml version might also be a good

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