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Re: different noteheads in the same chord/voice

From: Kieren Richard MacMillan
Subject: Re: different noteheads in the same chord/voice
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2003 09:56:26 -0500

Hello, Mats:

I guess you will get the desired alignment if you just make the stem
invisible in my example. The cause of the alignment problems is that
the note head of the whole note is wider then that of shorter notes,
just a you will find in well-typeset printed scores.

Absolutely true; and the (left) alignment that results from your example (with transparent stem) is superior to my original example.

What I *don't* know is whether such constructs (i.e., triple-stops consisting of different value notes) are adjusted in traditional engraving -- I certainly prefer the quarter note head aligned CENTRE under the whole note head(s). If I can find an example in "the literature" to support my engraver's eye (or no example at all to contradict it), I will simple make the adjustment during final tweaking (in Illustrator) before outputting the printer's file.


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