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Re: No Parts

From: Will Oram
Subject: Re: No Parts
Date: Sat, 13 Dec 2003 02:36:18 -0500

Ah, this works.

But, if I append \score { \theInstrument } to a given .ly file, the resulting printed score ends up appended to the end of the orchestral score PS/PDF. What for separating parts into separate outputs?

- Will

On Dec 13, 2003, at 2.07 AM, Graham Percival wrote:

On Sat, 13 Dec 2003 00:03:15 -0700
Paul Scott <address@hidden> wrote:
Will Oram wrote:
I didn't mention it explicitly in my last e-mail, but I am already
using one .ly file for each part.

Then what's not working? Can you post one of those files that doesn't work?

I think he didn't include a \score{} section in the individual .ly files; he just
stuck the \notes{} section in there.

You need a seperate \score{} section for each part (or score) you want to generate.

- Graham

Will Oram
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