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Re: cello harmonics

From: Richard Lyons
Subject: Re: cello harmonics
Date: Sun, 14 Dec 2003 13:06:02 +0100
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On Sunday 14 December 2003 03:39, Graham Percival wrote:

> Ahh, another LilyPond cellist!  There's quite a few of us.  :)

My daughter is the cellist.  But good to know I'm in the right place.

> a4^\open
> It's in the section of the manual that deals with articulations (and
> fingerings).

Nearly.  it does produce a letter 'O' not a small circle.  I did think 
of doing a 
   \property \set #'font-family = #'typewriter
or something along those lines, but lilypond very sweetly tells me that 
open is not a grob.  I expect there is a font available with a round 
'O', if I can find how to specify the right object.  Anyone any idea?  
The very extensive manuals seem to neatly avoid telling you how to 
adjust the thing you really want to alter...

cbrey suggested /flageolet, which is much nearer - it is a circle, but 
rather too big (and seems to be grey rather than black on screen -- 
perhaps that is just antialiasing)  If I could make flageolet smaller 
(and perhaps bold) it would be fine.  But the same problem:  I don't 
know how to specify it -- flageolet is also not a grob.

> > Also, can the roman numerals under the note to indicate which
> > string be easily produced?
> c4_"IV"

Great: that does what I wanted.



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