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Re: glossary.

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: glossary.
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2003 14:47:01 +0100
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As has already been pointed out on the address@hidden
mailing list, the glossary.eps file distributed with
musixTeX is an old copy of the glossary included in the
LilyPond distribution and there have been several additions
and changes since then. It seems that you also have done a
number of additions to the glossary.

At the moment, the maintenance of the document is fairly passive,
if someone finds a problem or suggests some addition at the
mailing list, it's fixed, but I don't think anyone feels especially
responsible for this particular document.

I'm not one of the main authors of LilyPond, but I guess everybody
would be happy if you want to take a role as an active maintainer of
the document. In that case, you should definitely start your revision
from the latest version of the document, which is available in PS, PDF
and HTML at
Jan has already pointed out where to find the source code.

Since this document is a nice illustration of the capabilities of the
LilyPond typesetter, both in terms of the layout of the actual music and
in the support for mixing music and text, I hope you want to keep it
within the LilyPond distribution, at least for the moment.


Dave Pawson wrote:

Not having seen the html glossary

I have, this week, transcribed the eps version
from musixTex into docbook xml, under fdl.

Its been suggested that I could work with you
to keep the best of both?

My copy currently at

regards DaveP

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