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Re: xdvi watch

From: donald_j_axel
Subject: Re: xdvi watch
Date: Sun, 21 Dec 2003 03:04:53 +0100

On Sat, 20 Dec 2003 16:02:09 +0100
Ferenc Wagner <address@hidden> wrote:

> donald_j_axel <address@hidden> writes:
> > xdvi seems broken here. There are no noteheads
> Did you source lilypond-profile during your shell startup?

No. I placed a copy of lilypond-profile in
/etc/profile.d/lilypond-profile but as I run lilypond in a
chroot'ed gentoo-partition it was not sourced. When sourcing it
manually the xdvi can run a lot of font-things, but the picture
is not much better, noteheads being triangular.

> > TeX->dvi->postscript->pdf gives a useable printout.
> Yes, but it doesn't give you point&click.  Try it!

Thank you for the answer, it sounds like an interesting feature. I
will try it but need to know more about why I should click. Are
you referring to a feature combining xdvi and emacs, so that if I
want to change something I can click on the note and emacs will go
to the corresponding position in the source-file?

Clicking is not a major concern, though. I would much prefer
help on how to skew noteheads from the vertical axis in pianomusic
with complicated inner voicings.

I am working on Chopin C-major prelude just to find out how
complicated voicings can be done and there is a second-interval in
bar 20 which I cannot handle in a readable way. Noteheads grow
into each other. Can I attach the source (and a .ps) file?

donald_j_axel(at) --

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