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Line breaks....

From: darius
Subject: Line breaks....
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 2003 20:44:38 +0100
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Hi !

I'm currently stuck with something unusual: lilypond fails
to break lines with a message that goes as:

warning: Could not find line breaking that satisfies constraints.

I don't understand why, I tried to add libe breaks of my own, but it
seems to ignore my \break commands. I inserted a number of bars before
and after what appears to be the place of the problem, but it did not

And quite unfortunately, I would have a hard time providing a reasonably
short sample, as I use M4 to preprocess the file, expand macros, provide
conditional compilation, etc. (While computer literate, I am no Scheme
expert, and M4 is more than good enough to me.)

Did I miss anything important ? Is there a simple solution to this ?



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