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Re: question about chord names

From: Paul Scott
Subject: Re: question about chord names
Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2003 01:36:59 -0700
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chip wrote:

I am adding chord names to my first piece and have a couple questions -
1. When I enter something like F1:maj7 the resulting image shows Ftriangle (meaning, I believe, F dim). How do I get FMajor7?

There is a way to customize this. Someone else may give us a better answer but I have just chosen to live with the triangles for now. Triangles are certainly an accepted jazz symbol for Maj7.

2. How do I show the bass note of a chord? For example: FMaj7/A

Easy:  f:maj7/A

3. How about a chord with an alternate flat 5?
For example: Emin7(flat 5)

The notation is easy: e:min7.5- Unfortunately it is printed as a half-diminished chord with a small circle with a slash through it.

I do understand that Lilypond was/is developed as a classical music program, but it might work just as well with other forms, like jazz, which is what I will be working with, mostly.

There is:
\property ChordNames.ChordName \override #'style = #'jazz

but it doesn't give what you want.

To customize chord name printing see:

Regression Tests/|| <>

and follow the example carefully.

Paul Scott

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