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Finalizing my score

From: Fernando Rauber
Subject: Finalizing my score
Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2003 00:18:47 -0200


   I'm a new lilypond user (currently using the win version) and I have
just finished my first lilypond project. It's a 6/8 two-part piano invention
that I did for counterpoint class.

  Now that it is finished, there are a few things that I would like to
change in Lilypond's PDF output:

1) I'm using a tempo mark in the first measure, but it collides with the
first measure stems. Is there any way to move it up?

2) In the first LH measure, there is a r2. rest. How can I place it on the
center of the measure? (Lilypond places it on the beggining of the measure)

3) I'm using title= "Inventio" in the header section. Is there any way to
the title font ? Also, is there any support for brazilian portuguese

  And that's it. Besides that, Lilypond generated a beaultiful score :).

[]s Fernando Rauber
ICQ: 2281311

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