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blind user, installing on Windows

From: Ralph Little
Subject: blind user, installing on Windows
Date: Tue, 1 Jun 2004 15:58:02 +0100


David Bobroff said:
> As a side note, you
> may be interested to know that there has been discussion on one of the
> LilyPond lists (there are three; user, bug, and devel) about braille
> from LilyPond.  I'm not sure if development in that direction has gone
> far.

Yes, Braille output development is ongoing, but not really ready for
users yet.
I'm trying to sort out some formatting issues.
There is not anything in CVS as yet, support is not complete enough.
Currently, there are notes, chords and rests. Multi-voice output is
vexing me at present.

Current effort is on rendering Braille for the screen and printed output
alongside normal notation.

Embosser export should follow on afterwards...


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