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Re: lilypond-user Digest, Vol 19, Issue 2

From: A. Deubelbeiss
Subject: Re: lilypond-user Digest, Vol 19, Issue 2
Date: Wed, 02 Jun 2004 00:59:24 +0200
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> Date: Tue, 01 Jun 2004 09:14:47 -0400
> From: Orlando Fiol <address@hidden>
> Subject: installing in Windows 2K
> To: address@hidden
> Message-ID: <address@hidden>
> Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii"; format=flowed
> Hi all.  I am a totally blind user trying to install Lilypond on a
> Windows 2K system.  I can select the cygwin directory, type of net
> connection and download site.  But when I get to the package view, I
> see no Publishers section and no references to Lilypond anywhere.
> Perhaps, there is a Java applet that I cannot access with my screen
> reader?  I can't even begin to think about learning the syntax if I
> can't get the program installed.  Can anyone offer any suggestions?

Hello Orlando,

bad news. According to the cygwin mailing list archive, the package
selection list in the Cygwin Setup program is known to be screen reader
unfriendly. It isn't in the tab sequence, but perhaps more importantly
there's no way to do anything to it with the keyboard. It only reacts
to mice.

Can your screenreader find the list that starts with


etc.? That's the one you need to interact with. The list is alphabetic,
the "Publishing" category appears only when you scroll down (only
possible by dragging the vertical scroll bar with the mouse) or when
you maximise the window. Click the word "Publishing" to open that
sublist of packages. The package names appear in a different column
than the category names, at the right of the window. You need to
find "lilypond", but then move the mouse cursor exactly horizontally
to the left until you find the word "skip" (all entries have one of
those). Click it and it should change to "2.2.0-1". Then repeat the
process for the publishing package "tetex-extra" (version 2.0.2-13

An alternative would be to get someone sighted to handle the package
selection and burn you the data you need on a cd. They'd have to
select "download" instead of "install from internet" earlier on,
and once you have the disc you can "install from local directory".
You'd still have to deal with that nasty window, but only to click
the word "default" just to the right of the topmost list entry "All"
(to change it into "install"), then hit the continue button to
install everything from the archive you've selected. (If you
were to issue this command to one of the online servers, you would get
a few gigabytes of stuff you don't need, but with your "local
directory" you'd be installing everything from a tailor-made source
containing exactly the files you want.)

Sorry this process is so complicated, but I have neither the competence
nor the tools to do anything about it.

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