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help requested!

From: Janusz Szafruga
Subject: help requested!
Date: Thu, 03 Jun 2004 02:10:09 -0800


I think I followed instructions given in page

I did the download of LilyPond and got through installation.
Then I downloaded the file.
But double-clicking the icon on the desktop 
does not produce the desired test.pdf file. (the entire
outcome of double-clicking the name is that
something -- like a rectangular window -- blinks on
the screen for a moment. That's it.)

The computer is a 2 year old compaq running 
Windows XP Home Edition, with 512 MB memory and 60 or so GB
hard drive, so plenty of room.

So what should I do to make it work? (I mean how can I produce
a pdf output from a ly script file in this environment?) 
Any suggestion would be helpful. Thanks,

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