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Re: RE: What did I messed out?

From: Joshua Koo
Subject: Re: RE: What did I messed out?
Date: Thu, 3 Jun 2004 21:46:50 +0800

Thanks for your suggestions.

I upgraded Lilypond, I installed teTex, I deleted and reinstall cygwin but I 
still get this msg

$ lilypond
lilypond (GNU LilyPond) 2.2.2
Running lilypond-bin...
Now processing `'
Interpreting music... error: can't find `feta20.afm'
Fonts have not been installed properly.  Aborting

lilypond: error: LilyPond failed on input file cello (exit status 1)
lilypond: warning: Running LilyPond failed. Rerun with --verbose for a trace.


======= At 2004-06-03, 02:45:12 you wrote: =======

>> 1st problem: I trying the view on DVI output on windows and 
>> to try the point and click. I try a few viewers, one of the 
>> jdvi for jedit. 
>> However, what I see is only the barlines, and slight lines the beams.
>> Something to do with PK fonts? I try playing with mktexmf.
>first run dvips without like this:
>dvips myScore.dvi
>That way the pk fonts that are necessary for dvi viewers are generated.
>> How do I solve the situation I'm in? I dont feel like 
>> reinstalling Cygwin or Lilypond again.
>Don't reinstall lily but install the latest version (2.2.2 if it comes
>available at your favourite mirror). Perhaps this way your installation
>problem get fixed.
>If not, try to reinstall tetex

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