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Re: Line break not working

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Line break not working
Date: Thu, 03 Jun 2004 18:53:31 +0200
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It's impossible to run your example since it contains a number
of definitions that we don't have. Wait a second, you are working
on the example, but there are lots of macros that I still
don't have defined. Please, send a complete example the next time, it
will increase the chance of a quick response.

Why don't you use the \repeat volta 2{...} syntax for repeats?
They will give you the correct repeat bar lines for free.
However, if you want to do it manually, think of what it would
look like if the repeat appeared in the middle of a line. In that
case, you would want a :|:, right? LilyPond is smart enough to know
that a :|: should be broken into a :| followed by a |: if it occurs
at a line break, so you can simply say \bar ":|:" \break.


Jim Sabatke wrote:
Probably doing something dumb, but the end of the following source does not break to a new line. It prints the grace notes from the next line and then ends the line:

lilypond 2.2.1

\score {
    \notes {
        \time 4/4
        \key d \major
        \relative c'
        \transpose c c' {
            #(add-grace-property 'Voice 'Stem 'length 6)
            #(add-grace-property 'Voice 'Beam 'thickness 0.22)
            #(add-grace-property 'Voice 'Beam 'damping 2)
            #(add-grace-property 'Voice 'Stem 'thickness 1.0)
            \override Script #'padding = #3
            #(add-grace-property 'Voice 'Stem 'thickness 1.0)

            \partial 64*8
            a'8  |
            \noBreak %% END_BAR Line: 1 Bar: 1
                        \bar "|:" %% START_REPEAT_BAR B
\hdbe e'8.[ cis'16 ] \gg a8.[ \dg cis'16 ] \gg e'8.[ fis'16 ] \dbe e'8.[ cis'16 ] |

            \noBreak %% END_BAR Line: 1 Bar: 2
\dbe e'8.[ cis'16 ] \gg a8.[ \dg cis'16 ] \dbha a'8.[ g'16 ] \tg fis'16[ a'8. ] |
            \noBreak %% END_BAR Line: 1 Bar: 3
\hdbe e'8.[ cis'16 ] \gg a8.[ \dg cis'16 ] \gg e'8.[ fis'16 ] \dbe e'8.[ cis'16 ] |
            \noBreak %% END_BAR Line: 1 Bar: 4
\thrd d'8.[ b16 ] \gg g8.[ \dg b16 ] \dbhg g'4 \tg fis'16[ a'8. ]
%% this is not printed ==>>>  \bar ":|"
            \break %% END_REPEAT_I End Line: 1 Bar: 5

            %% NEW_LINE
%% this is printed twice: at the end of the first line, and the beginning of the second line:
                        \bar "|:" %% START_REPEAT_BAR B
%% this is printed at the end of the first line, after the "|:" that shouldn't be on the first line \hdbe e'8.[ a'16 ] \hstc cis'16[ a'8. ] \hdbe e'8.[ a16 ]

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